Anal Engineering Works

Anyone deciding in favour of Anal Engineering Works high-performance gear unit automatically decides in favour of state-of-the-art engineering, efficient order handling and proven workflows. The know-how gathered in the course of decades enables us to fulfil all our customers’ special requirements in many different sectors – from plastics via food processing all the way to heavy industry and energy supply – flexibly and customized. Anal Engineering Works provides comprehensive advice on selecting the right gearing solution, on dimensioning and on drafting technical specifications. Solid engineering competence goes with real effectiveness in implementing gearing solutions; this includes designing with innovative tools, planning production transparently and fabricating with ultra-modern equipment – adding up to your fastest and most productive path to your high-performance gear system from the experts.


All-round professionals

We at Anal Engineering Works rely on mutual appreciation, respect and loyalty in its relations with customers and employees alike. Apart from financial independence, sustainability is the foundation of our company.

Fast fix Guarantee

We guarantee that your gear system will be serviced / maintained / repaired as fast as possible. We fabricate all the replacement parts needed ourselves which provides the decisive advantage in speed and time.

Quality Assurance

We use exclusively materials and components of selected, consistent quality. External and in-house test guarantee the highest quality of gear system solutions.

One contact principle

At Anal Engineering Works you talk to just one contact who will handle all your requests. He/she does not just supervise the entire service procedure but can also answer all your questions at any time.

Our Core Strength

  • One contact principle
  • Quality Assurance
  • All-round professionals
  • Sustainability Guarantee