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Anal Engineering works came into existence in 2010. Since then, the company has made rapid progress in various industries. MR ANALJYOTI MONDAL, the CEO of the company, is set out to provide an exquisite range of products to various sectors and he believes in collaborating with the relevant industry experts to understand the delicate nuances before actually manufacturing products for that industry. This dedication and visionary quality has made us one of the most trusted Gear manufacturers Exporters and Suppliers in India.


Anal Engineering works was established to transform the manufacturing sector by designing and developing innovative products with the help of the latest technology. Our advanced manufacturing facility has enabled us to take giant steps towards success in a very short span of time. Whether it is a Reduction Gear Box or a High Mast Winch, we are dedicated to manufacture anything that our clients require for their smooth operations. We believe in providing excellent products and services under one roof. The ultimate goal is to build a strong client base which benefits from our innovation and creativity.



  • Indigenous manufacturing facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology
  • Eminent range of products ready to be delivered
  • Years of enriching experience in solving complex problems for clients
  • World-class services guaranteed to satisfy the clients
  • An acclaimed and renowned company in various industries from construction to mining
  • Industry leading rates of products and services
  • Experience team of skilled engineers and professionals


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